China Girl

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A regional street term for fentanyl
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As a "monologue," China Girl occasionally sketches a few Chinese maternal figures--nannies in the orphanage or an old lady he met on the street--but there is no Chinese paternal voice heard, much less a father-to-father conversation.
When they were treated to some of the star's hits among them Heroes, Fame and China Girl - but nothing from those early 1970s days - they went down a storm.
Zach Braff provides comedy as the voice of the cute winged monkey Finley, along with China Girl, a doll who's not as fragile as she looks.
Violin Kids' Classics Tchaikovsky and Beethoven Violin Concertos The Violin Player Classical Album 1 Classical Album 2: China Girl Storm The Classical Collection: Part 1 Subject to Change The Best of Vanessa-Mae Choreography The Classical Album 3: The Original Four Seasons and Devil's Trill Sonata
She said: "My favourite Bowie look is on the China Girl video in 1983.
Iggy's best-known solo hits include Lust For Life, Real Wild Child, The Passenger and China Girl, co-written and famously covered by David Bowie.
Ed Blaney heads into the spotlight and leads an eight-piece band that takes the audience from Bowie's early years with hits such as Starman, through his remarkable career to songs like Let's Dance, China Girl and many more.
Writer-director Abel Ferrara's thirty-one films include China Girl (1987), Bad Lieutenant (1992), Body Snatchers (1993), The Addiction (1995), and The Funeral (1996).
China Girl - Iggy Pop From his debut solo album The Idiot, co-written with Bowie, my older cousin Mike got me into it when I was a teenager.
GRAB my iPod to listen to on the way to work - obviously not Bowie's China Girl - only to remember some of Apple's MP3 players are produced in iPod City in China, where workers sleep 100 to a room, toil for 15 hours a day and are paid just pounds 27 a month.
But Becks' China Girl, who wore the frock for a romantic dinner with her hubby at Claridges, is not the only porcelain princess around town.
China Girl is a real winner, flowering very freely even when young.
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