Chimeric Antibody

A recombinant or genetically engineered antibody—e.g., a mouse monoclonal—which contains polypeptides or domains from a different species—e.g., humans—often introduced to reduce the antibody’s immunogenicity
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Unituxin (dinutuximab) is a monoclonal chimeric antibody composed of murine variable heavy and light chain regions and the human constant region for the heavy chain kappa.
This began with the design and chemical synthesis of novel chimeric antibody 'gene segments' each composed of human antibody-coding information combined directly with mouse regulatory information.
Like infliximab, rituximab is a chimeric antibody, although there was no suggestion in this trial that the additive benefit of MTX was attributable to a reduction in the development of anti-chimeric antibodies, as this protocol did not examine repeat dosing.
Reducing interference from heterophilic antibodies in a two-site immunoassay for carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) by using a human/mouse chimeric antibody to CEA as the tracer.
One study, to determine whether the superior activity of the modified anti-CD20 human-mouse chimeric antibody exposed unexpected adverse activity that may not have been seen with the less cytotoxic unmodified antibody.
The chimeric antibody cetuximab contains a higher proportion of mouse protein and thus is associated with a higher incidence of hypersensitivity reactions.
The patent includes claims to amino acid sequences and the DNA sequences encoding them in the epratuzumab antibody, either as a humanized antibody or as a chimeric antibody developed by the company.
The serum biomarker uses a novel chimeric antibody, NPC-1C (Ensituximab), that is the sole property of Neogenix Oncology.
GenScript offers extensive antibody drug services that include antigen production, hybridoma development and stabilization, antibody sequencing, chimeric antibody, antibody humanization, affinity maturation, epitope mapping, antibody and protein characterization, in vitro assay and screening, in vivo efficacy and safety study, antibody transient expression, stable cell line, and scale up production.
In the one-step Elecsys assay, the first antibody, a mouse biotinylated monoclonal anti-TSH antibody, and the second anti-TSH antibody, a chimeric antibody (human Fc and mouse Fab fragments) labeled with a ruthenium complex, are mixed with serum.
Neogenix has developed an ELISA serum biomarker using, NPC-1C, its novel, proprietary chimeric antibody that selectively targets pancreatic and colorectal cancer.
The current treatment paradigm for certain B-cell malignancies, such as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, is based on chemotherapy and the administration of an anti-CD20 chimeric antibody, rituximab (Rituxan(R)).