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An experimental targeted repair process in which a sequence of DNA of interest is combined with RNA to form a chimeraplast, which binds selectively to the target DNA; once bound, the chimeraplast activates gene repair
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ValiGen partners with pharmaceutical and agricultural companies to derive commercial value from its genomics technologies, which provide a continuum of capability from raw profiling of phenotypes to in vivo target validation using its proprietary chimeraplasty DNA repair technology.
Company, said the partnership will combine its new approach to cloning, called chimeraplasty, with the cloning technology developed by the Edinburgh-based Roslin Institute and PPL Therapeutics, Dolly's creators.
The US company, Kimeragen, said the partnership would combine its new approach to gene therapy, called chimeraplasty, with the cloning technology developed by the Roslin Institute and PPL Therapeutics.
and an exclusive worldwide license to Kimeragen technology involving chimeraplasty for all forage and turfgrass species, subject to two previous nonexclusive licenses.
Chimeraplasty is referred to as "precise genetic surgery" because specific genes are selectively modified without affecting the rest of the genome or altering normal protein expression and cell function.
and The Perkin-Elmer Corporation (NYSE: PKN), have signed an agreement under which PE Applied Biosystems, a division of Perkin-Elmer, will synthesize and supply to Kimeragen the novel oligonucleotide compounds developed from Kimeragen's chimeraplasty gene repair technology.
The new company will pursue commercial opportunities for its technologies in three areas: ValiGen will apply its genomics and chimeraplasty technologies to the identification and validation of novel targets for therapeutic intervention against major diseases, both for commercial partners and for its own account.
today announced that researchers at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis) and Albert Einstein College of Medicine (New York) have utilized the Company's gene repair technology, termed chimeraplasty, to permanently correct a gene defect in the Gunn rat model of Crigler-Najjar syndrome type I.
Chimeraplasty is a site-specific, gene-alteration technology which allows repair or replacement of small components of genes, known as bases, by stimulating a naturally occurring DNA repair system in cells.
We believe strongly in the potential of Kimeragen's chimeraplasty technology, which is designed to enable the correction, alteration and repair of DNA," stated Mr.
Using Kimeragen's proprietary chimeraplasty technology, the collaborators will seek to modify two genes -- Ovine PRP, the gene associated with scrapie, the sheep form of "Mad Cow Disease", and Ovine Alpha (1 -3) Gal associated with hyperacute transplant rejection of animal organs transplanted into humans, a major technical hurdle for xenotransplantation.
and Hoechst Schering AgrEvo GmbH announced today that they have signed a non- exclusive license agreement covering the use of Chimeraplasty technology in plants.