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He's part of a team working to promote Holy Jolokia and the work done by the Chile Pepper Institute.
Danise Coon, of the Chile Pepper Institute, said her organization sold more than 5,000 seed packets during the 2007 growing season, the first year the seeds were widely available outside of India.
VJI chile peppers are available in juices and purees, in sauces, diced, and in blends that are designed to eliminate the need for chopping, juicing or dicing by food product manufacturers or foodservice personnel, making them the customer-friendly choice
But uniquely Kalsec have utilised this system to carefully dehydrate Chile Peppers thereby developing a stream like process which has thoroughly dependable, consistent and controllable results.
Chile Pepper Festival September 26, 2015 New York's hottest fall tradition, Chile Pepper Festival features blazing bands from around the world, fiery food artisans, fire breathers, and chile-chocolate debauchery.
CaJohns was honored to have received over a dozen awards during Chile Pepper Magazine's Chili Awards Ceremony, one of the industry's premiere events, held in conjunction with the Festival.
The heat of a pepper depends not just on the plant's genetics, but also where it is grown, said Paul Bosland, director of the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University.
based cheese company added Chipotle Havarti and 3 Chile Pepper Gouda--Jalapeno, Chipotle and Habanero--to its Roth Wisconsin line.
ALL ABOUT CHILE PEPPERS The Complete Chile Pepper Book (Timber Press, 2009; $30) by Dave DeWitt and Paul W.
According to the report, the tartness of hibiscus offers an uplifting counterpoint to the warmth of ancho chile pepper and the crunch of popcorn is a playful partner for worldly Herbes de Provence.
The Chile Pepper Magazine Extravaganza took place as part of the New Orleans Hot Sauce Festival, where a multitude of companies competed in double blinded judging to win the prestigious Chile Pepper Magazine Award.