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child development

the various stages of physical, social, and psychological growth that occur from birth through young adulthood. See also adolescence, development, growth, infant, neonatal period, psychosexual development, psychosocial development, toddler.

Patient discussion about child development

Q. What is the most common preventable cause of childhood development delay?

A. The most common cause of severe developmental delay (essentially mental retardation) is genetic abnormalities (or more accurately, cytogenetic abnormalities due to abnormal chromosomes). Other cause include damage during the pregnancy such as infections or serious diseases in the mother, damage (such as choking or insufficient blood supply to the fetus) during labor and metabolic diseases such as PKU or hypothyroididsm that affect young babies.

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Q. Do environmental factors have a relation to developing ADHD as a child? I have read in a magazine that ADHD is thought to be caused by factors from out environment. Is this true?

A. ADHD has mainly a genetic connection, however some environmental factors due play a role: smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy is thought to be one trigger. A systematic review found that removing artificial food coloring had a small effect size on ADHD symptoms. Premature birth is also thought to be one of the risk factors.

Q. What is the most common preventable cause of children developmental delay?

A. Nutritional problems. Mal nutrition is the most preventable yet still has a big death toll and a vast developmental issue all over the world. Vitamin poor nutrition, mineral poor nutrition and in third world countries even protein poor nutrition leads to mental and physical retardation. It can be prevented easily. All it needs is a little sympathy…

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Drawn from the mastered works of early childhood development specialist Jim Gill, Moving Rhymes For Modern Times is a lively and eclectic collection of music focused on giving children a time to play and potentially explore a more intuitive and thought provoking media.
Investment in early childhood can yield significant economic benefits for cities and towns, while also helping strengthen a community's families, according to participants in a first-ever City Leaders Summit on early childhood development in Los Angeles.
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Support services offered to residents include case management, parenting workshops, childhood development, support groups, daycare, after-school education and tutoring.
While the importance of early childhood development receives growing recognition in social and psychological studies and policy studies, it is not reflected in support for a qualified and trained workforce of child care workers.
Compared with other public investments and even those in the private sector, an [early childhood development program] seems like a good buy," the report states.
I believe, the public, generally, understands the value of play as it is related to early childhood development (zero to eight) but still fails to understand the value of play in adolescence.
We need to prepare our children to read and succeed in school with improved Head Start and early childhood development programs.
For instance, No Time to Die was part of a discussion of attachment theory, which emphasizes the importance of intimate human relationships, or attachments, in shaping childhood development.
The awards highlight the importance of early childhood development and recognize the positive impact child development professionals have on pre-school and school-age children.

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