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Representatives from the federal ministries, provincial departments including Law, Home, Social Welfare and Labour, Child Protection and Welfare Bureau, AJK, civil society Organizations working on child rights, students and children attended in the Conference.
Section 15 of the Ordinance lays down that the government may in consultation with Peshawar High Court in the official gazette notify different courts of sessions as child protection courts," he added.
We are going through all the child laws and making a database, but so far we haven't found a specific child protection law in the GCC," she said.
The study went on: "There appear to be gaps in the processes covered by child protection policies.
In the case of child protection practice, the greater visibility of child abuse generally, and public scrutiny of the injury or death of children known to social services particularly, has prompted increasingly shrill demands for the design and application of stringent measures to predict and reduce risk (Connolly and Doolan 2007).
Additionally, it will be a priority each September to promote International Child Protection Month as an opportunity to learn and share together to increase awareness of what child protection means and the actions that adult leaders can take to make a difference," added van der Zande.
She explained that the incident occurred because of the lack of specialized psychiatric hospitals for children, stressing that the Zakat chamber should contribute in boosting child protection mechanisms.
He said this during his visit to Child Protection & Welfare Bureau here today.
The federal version of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is based on model legislation developed by National Right to Life and was first enacted in Nebraska in 2010.
THE NUMBERS of children put on a child protection register has risen across the region - mainly due to domestic abuse, the Daily Post has found.
The Ministry of Interior's Child Protection Center, in cooperation with the International Computer Driving License of the Gulf Cooperation Council (ICDL GCC), has distributed a guidebook to school students across the UAE.
UAE's Ministry of Interior has created a Child Protection Award as part of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival (ADFF) awards categories, aiming to create a vibrant film culture on child protection issues locally and internationally.
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