Child Labour

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Gainful employment of a child under age 17 in a workplace that employs adults functioning in equal or similar capacities, in agriculture, factories, the service sector, mines, etc.
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Social Mobilization: An important step in the elimination of child labour is the mobilization of broad public support.
See also, Jim McKechnie, and Sandy Hobbs, "Working Children: Reconsidering the Debates," (monograph), a report of the International Working Group on Child Labour (Amsterdam: Defence for Children International Section, 1998).
The Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco Growing Foundation brings together labour unions, tobacco growers, and tobacco companies throughout the world to make a better life for children in communities where tobacco is grown.
Chief Child Protection UNICEF Pakistan Sarah Coleman said that UNICEF would provide all possible financial as well as technical assistance to Punjab government to eliminate Child Labour.
She said that elimination of child labour is the responsibility of us all.
The report underscores the critical importance of intervening early in the life cycle against child labour.
The project will support programmes aimed at reducing and preventing child labour, and integrating the knowledge generated by these interventions in education sector planning discussions.
Kaylash Satyarthi, president of the Global March Against Child Labour, agreed: "Education is vital to all rights.
Adult unemployment, poverty, the presence of HIV and Aids as well as dysfunctional families have been identified as some of the major causes of child labour within Namibia.
White's discussion is based on research done by Boyden and Myers, Exploring Alternative Approaches to Combating Child Labour, pp.
the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act of 1986 (CLPRA).
Lahore -- Provincial Minister for labour and HR Raja Ashfaq Sarwar has lauded the UNICEF for its assistance of Rs50 million to eliminate child labour through its collaboration in Provincial Child Labour Survey, conducted by Punjab Labour and HR Department with a total ADP project cost of Rs140.

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