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A dermatopathy due to cold, damp climates, i.e., in the UK; presumed due to prolonged arteriolar constriction
At risk groups Infants, elderly, alcoholics
Management Proper clothing, smoking cessation, corticosteroids
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Anything that can cause damage to blood vessels such as poor diet, smoking or carrying too much weight can contribute to chilblains.
The best way to prevent chilblains is to protect your skin with scarfs, hats, boots and thick socks.
This leads to the formation of itchy, painful red lumps that we call chilblains.
A Chilblains are red, itchy, and sometimes painful lumps which occur when you get cold.
Before long, we'll be whingeing about chilblains and unreliable public transport and longing for June, when a few sunny days will probably warp the train tracks and cause the air conditioning to implode from over-exertion.
Camphorated oil an' mustard fer yer chest infections an' a raw onion fer chilblains.
You get one nice day of warm sunshine that tempts you into shedding vest and liberty bodice and the next it's back to grey skies and chilblains.
Seek professional care from your local podiatrist if you have any problems with your feet including the following: athlete's foot, bunions, corns and callus, chilblains, heel pain, ingrown toenails and verrucae.
Chilblains are a thing of the past and you can't get me out of my Australian Uggies.
Here PAUL JOHNSON tells you how to avoid winter bugs and ailments like colds, flu, chilblains, cold sores - and ease those conditions aggravated by the cold such as arthritis.
Or, if you suffer from chilblains, soothe them in an instant with Australian Body Care's Foot Treatment, pounds 5.
The star of new drama Pure Wickedness was more worried about getting chilblains than melting into the arms of hunky actor David Morrissey.