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zhi (dzē),

n 1. one of the five spirits, zhi is housed by the kidney and corresponds to will, determination, and drive; long-term memory; and information storage.
2. wisdom and trust, one of the five virtues in Chinese medicine, for which zhi is responsible. See also five spirits and five virtues.
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8220;I started T'ai Chi Chih as a skeptical student more than 16 years ago,” said Hutchinson, now a teacher of the form throughout Central NJ and Bucks County, PA.
The tai chi chih group reported increased energy levels.
Cheng Chih Kwong also said that Ceylon Grain Elevators was challenged by the Government's initial ban and then tight restrictions and high customs duties on the import of maize.
You may be able to find tai chi chih classes in your area through local universities and colleges, community groups, senior centers, or athletic clubs.
Chih, who suffered a catalogue of problems with the Seven Series car, added: "I feel very alone and as if nobody can help me solve this problem.
In the teamwork, San Chih is designated to supply sapphire as carrier substrate, on which Formosa will use to grow LED epitaxy layers.
Chih said the live-fire mishap happened in October, the same month that Defense Minister Chen Chao-min temporarily grounded all military aircraft for inspection following two fatal crashes in as many days, one involving a jet fighter and the other a U.
Set in rural Taiwan, pic concerns the blossoming romance between student Hsiao Chih (Huang Chien-Wei) and visiting Quebecoise English teacher Elisa (Manon Garceau), who happens to rent a room from Hsiao Chih's grandmother (Li Hsiu).
Azzedine Chih ne manquera pas, par ailleurs, d'exprimer son optimisme indiquant que [beaucoup moins que] mon equipe debute timidement ses rencontres.
A present, les filles de Azzedine Chih vont devoir batailler ferme pour preserver ce maigre avantage dans deux semaines.