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zhi (dzē),

n 1. one of the five spirits, zhi is housed by the kidney and corresponds to will, determination, and drive; long-term memory; and information storage.
2. wisdom and trust, one of the five virtues in Chinese medicine, for which zhi is responsible. See also five spirits and five virtues.
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8220;I started T'ai Chi Chih as a skeptical student more than 16 years ago,” said Hutchinson, now a teacher of the form throughout Central NJ and Bucks County, PA.
The tai chi chih group reported increased energy levels.
Cheng Chih Kwong also said that Ceylon Grain Elevators was challenged by the Government's initial ban and then tight restrictions and high customs duties on the import of maize.
If Ts'ao Chih were simply a slave to tradition, perhaps one could say this; but if that were so, his work would not have outlasted him as it has.
A spokesman for Edinburgh's trading standards department said they were advising Chih about possible legal remedies.
Chih Cheung has a distinguished record of success in Taiwan, Mainland China and cross-Strait business.
Chih said the live-fire mishap happened in October, the same month that Defense Minister Chen Chao-min temporarily grounded all military aircraft for inspection following two fatal crashes in as many days, one involving a jet fighter and the other a U.
16 and 17, Also Will Examine Emerging Opportunities in Asia, Highlighted by a Keynote Interview With Chih Tsung Lam of the Government of Singapore's Private-Equity Arm
San Chih, which is mostly owned by the Tatung Group, began producing sapphire substrates in the fourth quarter of 2009.
The product, which will be manufactured by Zenith, utilizes patent pending technology developed by Chih Ming Chen, Ph.
beaucoup moins que]Nous allons profiter de ce regroupement pour visionner la cassette du match aller afin de corriger certaines lacunes[beaucoup plus grand que], a explique Azzedine Chih, qui reste optimiste quant aux chances de qualification des [beaucoup moins que]Vertes[beaucoup plus grand que] pour le dernier tour qualificatif oE elles devraient affronter le vainqueur de la double confrontation Egypte-Tunisie.
The products will be developed jointly using technology developed by Chih Ming Chen, Ph.