chief executive officer

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chief executive officer (CEO, C.E.O.)

the most senior official of an organization or institution.

chief executive

The lead accountable officer in a particular NHS (UK) organisation, often understood to be the principle at a hospital trust.
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In this environment, can computers really be the tool that advertisements would lead us to believe will help the chief executive and his team effectively manage the enterprise?
The EIS at a fast food chain allows the chief executive to examine actual performance versus plan and to project that into the future by comparing the results against several key performance indicators.
Northrop Chief Executive Thomas Jones is a super salesman, having led his defense contracting firm to outperform the industry by a wide margin since 1960.
In fact, only one of Nader's chief executive officers comes through with tiny blemishes--Dow Chemical boss Paul Oreffice.
Mascolo, 46, has been appointed group chief executive of the Government operating group, with overall responsibility for Accenture's services to governments and other public-sector entities in the defense, education, public health, human services, immigration, justice and public safety, revenue and postal sectors.
van 't Noordende, 43, has been appointed group chief executive of the Resources operating group, which serves clients in the utilities, chemicals, energy (oil and gas), forest products and metals and mining industries.
The Alliance of Chief Executives is an exclusive Northern California-based leadership organization whose interactive forums enable chief business executives to initiate the changes they seek in their businesses and their approaches to leadership.
For more information, contact The Alliance of Chief Executives, 2121 N.
Gregg Hartemayer has been named group chief executive of the Technology & Outsourcing capability group.

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