chief executive officer

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chief executive officer (CEO, C.E.O.)

the most senior official of an organization or institution.

chief executive

The lead accountable officer in a particular NHS (UK) organisation, often understood to be the principle at a hospital trust.
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the former President and Chief Executive Office was named Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice President of Research.
Commenting on the potential impact of the Super Vision relationship, Ron Lusk, Chairman and Chief Executive Office of Lighting Science, noted, "This initial sales order is a major step towards establishing and developing a large group of OEM partnerships for the sales and distribution of LSG's LED lighting products.
With Nancy and Francesco now on board, Lightspeed Research will benefit greatly from their client services focus and operational expertise," said Karen Rabinowicz, Lightspeed Research's Chief Executive Office, North America.
Mobile Ice is distinguished from other SMS mechanisms in that the end user, the fan, is not the one hit with the service charge, spam or security issues," explains Dave Sperling, Chief Executive Office of Mobile Ice.

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