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Alternative oncology
A drought-adapted evergreen, the major component of which is nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA), which may be used to treat GI tumours, leukaemia and brain gliomas.

Herbal medicine
Chaparral was once used by Native American herbalists as an antiarthritic and antitussive (effects that have not been confirmed by modern herbalists), for diarrhoea and other GI complaints, and topically for wounds.
Chaparral causes cramping, nausea and vomiting.


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Chico, of Netherlee, Glasgow, vowed: "We'll give them a run for their money.
CHILLED OUT Chico is much more laid back after her course of injections; TWEETMENT Joyce with Chico.
Chico this week defended his days as a stripper, saying: 'I did my thing and shook my ding-a-ling.
I am still eternally grateful to the great British public for getting me here and I like to give back," said Chico.
Hours after being dumped - despite energetic performances of I Feel Good and Time Warp - Chico was singing at London's G.
Hills make Chico 8-11 for eviction tonight and, were it not for Cowell, I'd have said that was a fantastic bet.
They would beat him and steal his money and Chico said the abuse left him feeling lonely and miserable.
Friends who have known Chico - real name Yousseph - since he came to the UK from Morocco as a gawky 14-year-old, are furious at the way he has been portrayed on the ITV1 show.
RANCHO CUCAMONGA - Left-handed pitching prospect Matt Chico has great stuff and no luck.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Fitch assigns an 'A' rating to Chico Redevelopment Agency, California's (the agency) $23 million Chico Amended and Merged Redevelopment Project 2007 refunding tax allocation bonds.
X-FACTOR flop Chico may have failed to impress the show's judges but the former stripper shot straight to number one in the singles chart today.