Chicken Scratch

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Drug slang Regional drug slang referring to the frenetic manner in which a crack cocaine addict searches on hands and knees for crystals that have fallen from his or her pipe, fancifully likened to the manner in which chickens peck at the ground for grain
Vox populi A popular term for virtually illegible handwriting, as in 'Dr X has been asked to type in his medication orders, because no one can read his chicken scratch'
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30pm, Coffeevolution, Huddersfield), Chicken Scratch (8pm, Sportsman, Huddersfield), Dave Lesley (St Pat's Club, Huddersfield), Pac Band (9.
Another advantage of having chickens is when weeds, and/or certain vegetable stems and leaves are pulled and picked, these items can be tossed into the pen for chicken scratch.
I even grew some corn that I took out of the chicken scratch feedbag.
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THIS week the Examiner paparazzo has been out and about at Chicken Scratch at Coffeevolution and around town
Wheat is good to get hens to lay more eggs so buy chicken scratch with wheat in it.
This week the Examiner paparazzo has been to Chicken Scratch at Coffeevolution, the New Union and Flying Circus
Of the three feed stores within a 30 mile radius of my sandy, stoney acre, only one has bulk bins, but it has great variety, in addition to chicken scratch and grit, cracked corn and Various types of sunflowers, oats, corn, millet, soybeans, wheat, etc.
Upstairs, Rob Walker and Dave Hunt - the brains behind Cafe Evolution's Chicken Scratch - and the Axis Sound system will play roots dub reggae.
For chickens, pour vodka or gin over chicken scratch (not laying mash) in a coffee can, let it soak for two or three hours with the can covered.
Promoter of Chicken Scratch dub, ska, soul and roots night at Coffee Evolution, on the first Saturday of every month.