Chicken Scratch

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Drug slang Regional drug slang referring to the frenetic manner in which a crack cocaine addict searches on hands and knees for crystals that have fallen from his or her pipe, fancifully likened to the manner in which chickens peck at the ground for grain
Vox populi A popular term for virtually illegible handwriting, as in 'Dr X has been asked to type in his medication orders, because no one can read his chicken scratch'
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4 -- color) Steve Hessong, also known as the Birdman of Balboa Park and the Goose Whisperer, has become a favorite of the animals with his deliveries of plastic trays full of chicken scratch and other edibles.
On this occassion, Canadian Jerry Holland will present the Cape Breton fiddle, a style well rooted in Scottish music; Bayou Seco, a group from New Mexico will play Cajun, Old Time and Chicken Scratch music, while Mexico's award-winning Juan Reynoso will again present the hauntingly beautiful sounds of the Tierra Caliente.
Goats, cows and the occasional chicken scratch around, oblivious to the ruins of what was once a major Lycian, Greek and Roman port until the harbour silted up and the city was buried under tons of sand.
PHOTO : Chicken Scratch Description: Raised or gouged area on surface Probable cause: Decreased amount of abrasive concentration on sander belt Troubleshooting: Replace sanding belts
BBQ Beef Chile Rub & Coffee Cure for Grilling & Smoking by Chef Tim Byres, SMOKE & Chicken Scratch Restaurants, Dallas TX
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Besides keeping their flocks disease-free, people should keep hens in coops that protect them from cats and other urban predators, and give them specially formulated chicken feed from feed stores rather than chicken scratch or scraps.
Two all grain, sack of chicken scratch, cracked corn, and a sheep and goat block.