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chewing tobacco

A form of smokeless tobacco sold as a shredded product, in contrast to dipping tobacco in which the tobacco leaves are ground.

Health effects
Oral cancer; often disfiguring due to heroic surgery.


Chewing tobacco. See Smokeless tobacco.
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50-PS26, details as above THUR, NOV 14 & FRI, NOV 15: Thur 7pm, Fri 2pm & 7pm CHEWING THE FAT ARC, Stockton.
Chesney, who hit No1 in the 1980s with The One and Only, has been chewing the fat with Cat Deeley and new hubby Patrick Kielty - turns out Cat is besties with Chesney's American wife Kristina.
The real boost comes in chewing the fat with each other to alleviate a tense Boxing Day Test build up.
The film's budget evidently didn't stretch to visiting most of the places on Edward and Carter's death list: green screen work is almost laughable in places as the actors try to convince us they are really chewing the fat atop a pyramid.
It went online last week but already is becoming healthily subscribed with many artists chewing the fat over funding opportunities, reviews and which pubs artists drink in.
The BBC are using pictures supplied by an American network which meant on Wednesday, as the Yanks were chewing the fat in the studio, Gary was compelled to exchange observations with his pundits which were straining towards the inane before, thankfully, we joined Peter Alliss and Sam Torrance.
Trevor was a passionate armchair rugby fan, and liked nothing more than chewing the fat with friends at the Bunch of Grapes pub on Ynysangharad Road, Pontypridd.
If ongoing talks come to a mutually agreeable conclusion, Andy Gray could be chewing the fat on-screen with another former Everton striker.
No doubt, they enjoy chewing the fat with the audience after every show.
I enjoy sitting down and chewing the fat with guys and having a couple of drinks but not in a way that would in any way affect me doing my job - it never happened.
In summer evenings there is always the outdoor teak house which has lighting and heating and is perfect for chewing the fat as the sun sets.
I was chewing the fat with Willie when I accompanied Glenn McCrory to the Tony Christie Golf Classic at the Carden Park Hotel in leafy Cheshire.