Regional slang for crack cocaine
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The cookies, Gingerlicious, Luscious Lemon Chewies, Heavenly Chocolate Pillows, Seriously Cinnamon Almond and Perfectly Peanut Butter, all have a common ingredient - fresh vegetable puree.
Now deserving dogs can choose from a variety of tasty treats offered by CESAR Canine Cuisine - from the new Cookie Crunchies to Softies, which feature irresistible soft texture and rich flavors including Porterhouse, Grilled Chicken and Applewood Smoked Bacon; and Chewies, which are chewy bite size treats with savory Prime Rib flavor filling.
Lovely sweets called arrow bars And chewies like ha'penny chicks Do you remember sherbet lemons?
Sold online and in toy stores nationwide, Fun and Function's award-winning line includes language and social skills games, dress-up, foam scooters and inflatable products for active play, a rocket ship space tunnel, collectible chewies, clothing and accessories for sensory input, and more.
There was a man who said his name was Agah selling Chocolate Chewies.
Positively packed with mouth-watering inventions and innovations, Big Fat Cookies focuses on soft cookies with plenty of appeal, from Super-Sized Ginger Chewies to the two-color glazed Big City Black and Whites.
In the `50s and `60s, we Europeans (Yurpeans) watched in wonder as our American cousins swanned round in Caddies and the Chewies bigger than the average council house.
The company's most popular selection, the Texas Chewies (15 pieces to a pound), are available in 1-, 2-, 3- and 5-pound gift boxes and range from $23.
Products include Needlers Sensations, Blue Bird Toffee and Chewies.