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Dermatology A finding in pityriasis rosea; the lesions are oval, 1-cm pink-brown papules, covered by fine keratinaceous scales, which correspond to parakeratosis, and aligned parallel to the skin cleavage lines of the trunk; lesions fade after 2-12 wks
Molecular biology Feathering pattern A descriptor for the ultrastructural pattern—seen by the technique of rotary shadowing after gene activation by DNA polymerase—when multiple pre-rRNAs simultaneously initiate transcription on a single DNA molecule. Each of the feather’s ‘branches’ corresponds to chains of nascent rRNA which are progressively shorter towards the initiation site
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Some of the improvements appearing on this year's replacement trucks include bright red chevron patterns on the tailgates and the traditional rotating lights have been replaced by bright, flashing Light Emitting Diode lighting.
Using a three colour palette, the design of the space is a fusion of bold architecturally inspired floors and inset display walls which feature the same chevron pattern that Nicholas has incorporated into the accessories and his creative design for London Fashion Week, which currently adorns marketing and branding materials throughout the show.
When pointed in the right direction, the driving tires' chevron pattern provides the traction the vehicles need.
The upper is a quick-dry mesh fabric (there is a Gore-Tex version available), while the sole has a 'contragrip' tread a strong chevron pattern that gives great grip.
One wore a baseball cap with a distinctive emblem on the peak, and another had a chevron pattern on the hood of his jacket.
We painted the tabletops with a chevron pattern using a stencil fashioned from 1-and 2-in.
The fitted bodice was accented by a satin pleated chevron pattern in cafe.
The top surfaces, a heavy-duty composite rubber, is impression-molded with a slip-resistant chevron pattern that insures optimal traction.
Blankets went bolder, as Biederlack introduced a tiered program in colorful, textured cotton blankets: Upland, in a basket weave; Supima, extra-long staple in a diagonal weave; and a wool/cotton worsted blend in a chevron pattern.
The exclusive print showcases Missoni's signature chevron pattern with colors inspired by a tropical island retreat: turquoise blues, sea foam greens, vivid sunset reds and neutrals that conjure up a stroll on a sandy beach.
Melrose Twin XL Premium Comforter Set takes bold to new heights with this orange, purple and pink chevron pattern.