Zone of Alienation

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A 30-km, uninhabited—except by squatters—zone around the site of the Chernobyl disaster which includes the northern districts of the Kiev and Zhytomyr provinces of Ukraine, and part of Belarus
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The film, "Innocent Saturday", shows a junior party worker, Valera, learning of the explosion by chance and initially trying to escape from the town of Pripyat just outside the Chernobyl zone.
The Chernobyl zone isn't as scary as the whole world thinks.
A never-ending war is being waged on the people of the Chernobyl Zone but without guns or bullets.
The pilot program, designed by ORBCOMM Ukraine in conjunction with the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, employs ORBCOMM system-enabled equipment to monitor the transport of radioactive materials, as well as the security of remote assets such as automatic gas pumps and water pumping gateways located in the 150-kilometer Chernobyl zone.
The ORBCOMM network ensures that nuclear transport vehicles and rail cars, along with the Chernobyl zone as a whole, can be closely monitored 24 hours a day," said Oleksandr Luk'yanov, Managing Director of ORBCOMM Ukraine.
As a stalker, the player earns a living exploring the underground laboratories, abandoned military bases and radioactive forests of the Chernobyl Zone in search of artifacts and anomalous formations to sell to underground dealers and scientists in research camps on the border.
The program will use the ORBCOMM network and sensor equipment to monitor remote assets such as automatic gas pumps in the Chernobyl zone as well as to track the transport of nuclear materials to and from the station.
The programs, designed by ORBCOMM Ukraine in conjunction with the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, will employ ORBCOMM monitoring equipment to collect and transmit vital sensor readings of electrical, water and radiation conditions in the Chernobyl zone.