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The 1986 site of a nuclear reactor accident near Kiev, Ukraine, which was caused by a steam explosion. It is the worst nuclear power plant disaster in history and the only level 7 instance on the International Nuclear Event Scale. It resulted in a massive release of radioactivity following a power excursion which destroyed the reactor
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But if the release of only 100 million curies would cause a doubling of the world's "background" radiation, the release of Chernobyl's full inventory would have multiplied background radiation 180 times.
Thyroid cancer is caused by iodine-131, which comprised 10 to 15 percent of Chernobyl's fallout.
Ukrainian officials say they are prepared to keep Chernobyl's only functioning reactor open well into the 21st century.
In Russia, Orthodox Church Patriarch Alexy II presided over a memorial ceremony at Moscow's Mitino cemetery, burial site for 28 firemen who died after attending Chernobyl's explosion and fire in 1986.
Photo: Arrow points to the severe structural damage sustained during an explosion at Chernobyl's #4 reactor.
4 inside the sarcophagus in March 2000 encouraged Chernobyl's Shelter Management to move forward with these additional field application developments.
Under a 1995 agreement with Chernobyl's Shelter Management, Eurotech supplied radiation-resistant EKOR material to the Shelter for the development of EKOR applications to remedy radioactive contamination problems from Reactor No.
AMEX:EUO) announced that EKOR, a revolutionary geopolymer composite used to "cocoon" nuclear waste and prevent radioactive contaminants from dusting or seeping into the environment, continues to perform nine months after being applied on a fuel containing mass inside Chernobyl's failed reactor No.
While dust represents a potential environmental threat, it also represents an engineering challenge during Chernobyl's stabilization and decontamination.
Assessment of EKOR leading to certification was done by the Ukrainian Government following successful application of the composite at Chernobyl's failed reactor 4 in March of this year.
At the request of Chernobyl's Shelter Project management, EUROTECH's aggressive schedule to make the first application several weeks ago into the high radiation area below the failed reactor, was adjusted to incorporate the use of robotics and do an application of EKOR on a mock pile of fuel-containing mass.
Chernobyl's Shelter Project and EUROTECH have agreed on several application methods, including the use of robotics to reduce radiation exposure in accessing the highest radiation areas.