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(Cherenkov) Pavel A., 20th-century Russian physicist and Nobel laureate. See: Cerenkov radiation.
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At the Laboratory of Radiation Physics, Belgorod State University in Russia, a Model 248/310 spectrometer investigates the interaction of X-rays and fast electrons with condensed media and measures the Cherenkov Effect.
On 2012 July 26 the HESS II telescope, with a 28-m mirror, came online, making it the largest Cherenkov telescope ever built.
South Africa reaffirmed its political, scientific and technological support for Namibia's bid to host the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), a global project that has attracted more than 1 000 scientists from 27 countries.
Therefore, one has not to expect the "vacuum" Cherenkov effect.
As a way to make radiation safer and better, Dartmouth began to investigate a scientific phenomenon called the Cherenkov effect in 2011.
The National Science Foundation-supported observatory detects neutrinos through the tiny flashes of blue light, called Cherenkov light, produced when neutrinos interact in the ice.
These Cherenkov telescopes search for showers of particles created when a high-energy gamma ray slams into a particle in the Earth's atmosphere, triggering a flash of bluish light.
A sampling of topics includes: radiation physics and radionuclide decay, solid-state nuclear track detectors, alpha spectrometry, marine radioactivity analysis, radionuclide standardization, Cherenkov counting, high-resolution beta imaging, nuclear forensics, and more.
It was expanded in 2009 to span 1 square kilometer, becoming the world's biggest Cherenkov radiation detector.
For instance, a seemingly random grid of black dots exuding an exquisite blue glow is in fact, so the text explains, a group of nuclear-waste capsules suspended in water at a storage site in Washington State, and the blue light, we learn, is a product of the Cherenkov effect.
Because of this result, researchers have argued that this accounts for the anomalous refraction of waves through NIMs, reverse Cherenkov radiation, and reverse Doppler effect, etc.
The known fact about a medium is that certain particles can actually travel faster than the speed of light through this medium, causing usually light phenomena that are known as Cherenkov radiation.