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the chemical reaction whereby electrons are removed (oxidation) from atoms of the substance being oxidized and transferred to those being reduced (reduction).


Contraction of oxidation-reduction. See: oxidation-reduction potential.


/re·dox/ (re´doks) oxidation-reduction.


an abbreviation for reduction-oxidation (reaction). See oxidation-reduction reaction.


Contraction of reduction-oxidation.


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The main reason for this could be that the electron mobility has been recovered after chemical reduction.
Adventus exclusively offers DARAMEND[R], EHC[R] and related ZVI technologies for In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) along with TERRAMEND[R], AQUABLOK+[TM], EHC-O[R], O-Sox[TM], and mGCW-R[TM] systems to address myriad soil, sediment and groundwater impacts.
EHC is a patented combination of controlled-release, complex carbon plus zero valent iron (ZVI) that uniquely exhibits the recognized benefits of in situ chemical reduction (ISCR).
The Adventus Group exclusively offers EHC(TM) and ZVI technologies for In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR), along with ISBS in situ stabilization technology.
We are winning most of the jobs in this sector because our UV systems, not only achieve the required levels of chemical reduction, but also use significantly lower amounts of electrical energy than our competitors' products," said Christian Williamson, who heads up Trojan's Environmental Contaminant Treatment operations located in Tucson, Arizona.
EHC(TM)for In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR): A solid or liquid, controlled-release carbon source plus zero-valent iron (or other metals) for accelerated anaerobic biogeochemical reduction of chlorinated hydrocarbons, or pesticides and other relevant contaminants without the accumulation of problematic catabolites.
AAI), in cooperation with GfS mbH, Germany and IEG Technologies GmbH Germany, successfully integrated their proprietary EHC and zero valent iron (ZVI) in situ chemical reduction technologies into microbiologically enhanced Ground Circulation Well (mGCW) systems.
The book also addresses the benefits to greater Homeland Security that hazardous chemical reduction nationally will mean for America.
Avantec Amp enables yield improvements and chemical reductions that were previously impossible, says Peter Halling, vice president, biofuel, at Novozymes.
Improved management and technology must accompany chemical reductions, he says.
Thermocrack is an innovative technology based on thermal pre-treatment of sludge, which results in sludge and chemical reductions and enhanced biogas production.
New, Powerful, Air-Stable and Selective Reducing Agents Offer Safer Alternative for Chemical Reductions

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