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8 million compounds kept in GSK's chemical library and their other drug discovery technologies.
15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ChanTest, the industry leading ion channel Contract Research Organization (CRO) announces today the addition of a 50,000 compound chemical library from Enamine Ltd.
Although the sensors are finished, Ryan is still working on the chemical library and the software that will keep the ENose running in space.
As part of the agreement, Avexa will screen CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies' chemical library across its many antiviral assays to identify compounds that are selectively active in preventing virus replication.
During the drug discovery process, systems will screen a huge chemical library, consisting of anywhere from one hundred thousand to one million chemical compounds, in order to search for chemical compounds effective in drug creation.
We have access to a chemical library of 100,000 different compounds.
After screening a chemical library of 16,320 compounds, the scientists identified nine candidates.
The new method, which uses equipment that is readily available in most chemistry laboratories, will reduce the laborious process of categorizing the individual components of a chemical library from several months to only a few hours, says Hicham Fenniri, assistant professor of chemistry who directed the effort.
The database will be a chemical library bundled with cheminformatics and data mining tools, including tools for potency and selectivity optimization, ADME/toxicology and predictive modeling.
The aim is to partially isolate a wide range of compounds and store them in a chemical library available to drug companies.
Blueprint Medicines is well positioned to leverage our proprietary genomics platform and extensive chemical library to transform the current treatment paradigm for cancer and develop truly personalized cancer medicines for patients of high unmet need.
Developed at the Broad Institute, Chemical library is designed to contain molecular shapes and structures that can hit the challenging biological targets and comprises 100,000 customized molecules known as Diversity-Oriented Synthesis compounds.