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The field of chemistry that integrates chemical data with analytic and molecular design tools finding the 'best- fitting' compounds to address particular targets; cheminformatics encompasses diversity analysis and library design, virtual screening, rational drug design, and tools and approaches for predicting activity and other properties from structure
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A paper in Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling describes computer models that use molecular structures to estimate the physicochemical features of a wide range of chemicals.
The company's informatics solutions help scientists unify analytical and chemical information in a collaborative environment, and provide tools that enable scientists to extract, capture and apply knowledge from analytical experiments and predicted molecular data.
It will establish deadlines for the review of prioritized chemicals and action on identified risks and increase the public transparency of chemical information.
The location and chemical information remains the same, but the new graphics allow users to better identify with real-life locations.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 15, 2014-MSDSonline introduces cloud-based chemical information service
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-October 15, 2014-MSDSonline introduces cloud-based chemical information service
microanalysis), TOF-SIMS (secondary ion spectroscopy) EBSD (electron backscatter diffraction of electrons) and CL (cathodoluminescence) allows you to combine structural, morphological and chemical information from a given point on the dimensions of the order of one micron.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-October 31, 2012-OKI and ISID launch new service PLEXUS CM with chemical information system under cloud computing services(C)1995-2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
In a consent agreement with EPA, the company has agreed to pay the $62,457 penalty for failing to file required chemical information for one or more of the past three years at each of the facilities included in the settlement.
Robert J Massie, president of CAS, said, 'We are delighted to expand our relationship with InfoChem to undertake research in advanced technologies in the chemical information space.
Improving public access to chemical information was a key objective agreed
EPA expects to finalize the modifications to the chemical information reporting rule in time for the next reporting period, scheduled for June 1-September 30, 2011.
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