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As DVB has two double bonds, the more DVB contents easily make graft polymerization and chemical crosslinking.
ITA was filled into EPDM resin as physical crosslinker to construct a kind of three-dimensional network with high crosslink degree and low crosslink density; it also reacted with other monomers as a chemical crosslinking for the double bond in ITA chain.
A molten polymer undergoing a chemical crosslinking process is converted from a viscoelastic liquid into a viscoelastic solid.
Modification of poly(vinyl chloride) by chemical crosslinking has aroused wide interest because of the improvements of the elevated temperature properties of PVC.
This improvement is most clearly observed at high temperatures, because at room temperature there is a physical network present produced by the presence of crystallites as well as the covalent network produced by chemical crosslinking.
Figures 14b-d show that a chemical crosslinking reaction might have taken place between the two phases at the interface.
5% MAH-g-PP rather than PP was used as the processing agent of PC due to the enhancement of the miscibility of the PC and MAH-g-PP components and the chemical crosslinking reactions between these two components at the interfaces (17-19).
The dark coloration and brittleness in the films cured 300 [degrees] C in air and at 400 [degrees] C in nitrogen suggest that chemical crosslinking is taking place.
Composite fillers were also prepared by chemical crosslinking.
The resistivity of the composite filler prepared by chemical crosslinking (approximately [10.

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