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chemical symbol,

n a shorthand interpretation of an element, molecule, or a compound.
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N, P and K are the chemical symbols for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium and are the main chemicals needed by most plants.
This handbook on well production in the oil and gas industry provides production, reservoir, drilling, and cementing engineers with information on general mathematical formulae, chemical symbols, and physical properties of materials and fluids; well technology, including casings and tubings, coiled tubing, and packers; well productivity estimate and control; stimulation; horizontal and multilateral wells; production management subjects such as water management, heavy oil production, enhanced oil recovery, artificial lift, pumps, gas lift, multiphase pumping, deposits and their inhibitors, and well servicing; cased-hole logging and imaging; and financial formulae.
With the launch of new games on the site, players will now be able to test their knowledge of multiplication, world capital cities, chemical symbols, foreign languages and even the styles of famous painters.
An analysis of the chemical symbols that compose the names of the elements with atomic numbers 1 to 111 is presented in this paper in puzzle format as a new contribution to this word play about chemical elements.
The band's name allows Jones and James not just to reflect their personalities but also to make cheeky use of a logo bearing the chemical symbols - CSI.
6% copper--is also known as SAC solder, for the first letters of the chemical symbols of each of the elements (Sn, Ag, Cu).

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