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chelidonium (che·li·dōˑ·nē·m),

n Latin name:
Chelidonium majus L.; parts used: juice, flowers, leaves, root; uses: choleretic, cholagogic, spasmolytic, antiinflammatory, antiviral, liver and gallbladder conditions, migraines, jaundice, bronchitis, warts, ring-worm, abdominal pains, (uses under research: migraines and psoriasis); precautions: long-term use discouraged; cause nausea; diarrhea, dry mouth, stomach pains. Also called
baiqucai, Chelidonii herba, and
greater celandine.
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Effect of homeopathic medicine Chelidonium against blood stage infection of rodent malaria parasite.
Sensitization for specific lysis in target-effector-systemwith derivatives of Chelidonium majus L.
A I HAVE had some success with a combination of Poke-root ointment and Chelidonium tincture.
The remedy comes in a form of cream and as per the information on the package its bioactive ingredients include chelidonium majus extract, willow bark extract, birch tree bark extract, cade oil, tea tree oil, salicylic acid and lactic acid and hyaluronic acid.
He wanted to be associated with it when he died but unfortunately they got it wrong and it is an image of the greater celandine, Chelidonium majus, that decorates his monument.
30) A recently published homoeoprophylaxis trial by Rajan and Bagai (31) tested a combination of China and Chelidonium in 30c with the following conclusion:
Sanguinaria and chelidonium, as both topical and oral anticancer agents
echinata + en 25 y 26; Acerpseudo-platanus r en 25 y + en 29; Athyrium flix-femina + en 25 y I en 29; Chelidonium majus + en 26 y 29; Erica arborea + en 8 e I en 29; Dryopteris dilatata + en 11 y II en 29; Galium mollugo + en 10 y I en 29; Hypericum pulchrum + en 24 y 29; Mercurialis perennis + en 9 y 29; Osmunda regalis + en 11 y r en 25; Oxalis pes-caprae + en 2 y I en 29; Pinus pinaster 1 en 11 y I en 29; Polygonatum odoratum + en 24; I en 29; Pulmonaria longifolia + en 11 y I en 29; Ranunculus tuberosus + en 24 y 29; Sedum anglicum r en 25 y I en 29; Vinca major + en 12 y 2 en 20; Prunus avium (pl.