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823 (1995) (concluding that the bank fraud statute was amended to include check kiting, which could not be prosecuted under [sections] 1014).
1989) (finding bank employees' conduct in cooperation with customer's check kiting scheme is misrepresentation in violation of [sections] 1344).
This article defines check kiting, describes detection methods, and explains how the FBI uses the CKAS to prosecute kiters successfully.
1992) (under [sections] 1344(1) one need only show a "scheme to defraud", which in a check kiting scheme hinges on what the defendant actually knew about the status of accounts used); United States v.
It is fortunate our earnings were strong, but unfortunate that the check kiting scheme has diminished the very positive core earnings growth of the Company," said Robert A.
therefore] a check kiting scheme is in fact punishable under the mail and wire fraud statutes"), cert.
8 million charge from the check kiting scheme and was partially offset by the $428,000 increase in other operating expenses, $182,000 increase in salaries and employee benefits and the $60,000 increase in occupancy expenses.
Butler pleaded guilty in federal court to six counts of a 51-count indictment for check kiting between Alabama One and the West Alabama Bank and Trust in February 2014, and has been in the federal prison system since September 2014.
the holding company for Baltimore County Savings Bank, FSB, announced that it has been victimized by a check kiting scheme perpetrated by one of its commercial deposit customers.
District Court for being involved in a check kiting scheme, according to information sheet filed by the U.
The majority of this decrease can be attributed to a one time loss expense that was recorded in 2005 as a result of a check kiting matter.