check digit

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check di·git

(chek dijit)
One digit in computer code used to check the accuracy of other characters in the code.
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Account validation at remitting institution due to IBAN's check digit mechanism will significantly reduce errors related to account numbers.
Add the digits up to, but not including, the check digit in the odd-numbered positions (i.
As selectors approach each slot, they receive instructions via their headsets to say aloud the check digits that are clearly posted at that location.
Two good possible data filters for account identifiers (such as general ledger accounts, customer accounts and inventory part numbers) are code checks and check digits.
Each will consist of nine digits plus a check digit, which will be the product of a sum applied to the other nine.
This is the simplest but least effective method of assigning a check digit, Gallian says.
Bar codes can include a check digit that checks the code's accuracy.
Number displays are also desirable to check digit accuracy for both calling and programming.
With Polk CVINA(R), insurance companies are able to verify VIN accuracy, validate the entire 17-digit VIN including the check digit, correct VIN errors, generate standard vehicle descriptions, return full spellings of vehicle make and series names, and obtain more than 20 other elements of vehicle data.
Because the check digit is calculated based on input data, it is more likely to identify keying errors.
This is logged at the start of each shift, and each driver in each location can ensure products are in the correct place using a check digit.
The remaining digits include a unique item number for each product or service, an indicator to identify the various packaging levels (if applicable) and a calculated check digit to insure data integrity.