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chassis (chaˑ·sē),

n glass plates coated with thin layers of fat over which plant material is spread in layers so that the essential oil is absorbed into the fat. The saturated fat is washed with hexane to dissolve the essential oil and concentrated to yield a purer form. See also enfleurage.
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Tambien se analizo el comportamiento del chasis al variar la precarga del tornillo de union con la bota, en un rango de valores desde 3500 TV hasta 5500 N mn intervalos de 500 TV.
f] es el factor de seguridad a la fatiga y es el peso del chasis.
Khan stated, By getting just the chasis and building the buses ourselves here, we believe we can extend the lifespan to seven to eight years, besides reducing the price by 15-20 per cent.
In addition to this tender for 1,500 bus chasis, the Corporation without any delay will start an additional round to procure around 1,100 chasis.