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A regional term for LSD
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Chasing Rainbows sheds new light on the subject and works as a guide for parents interested in adopting the practice.
To invoke Ryan's memorable phrasing, when Woolf is digging granite, she is simultaneously chasing rainbows.
The journey back to the lodge was spent chasing rainbows amongst some breathtaking lakeside scenery.
Philippa Groves, 68, hopes that Chasing Rainbows - which she has spent the last seven years writing with the help of "talking technology" - will prove an inspiration to others afflicted by debilitating sight problems.
Chasing Rainbows, on the other hand, is unashamedly country with pedal steel swoon.
There's also a standard included, I'm Always Chasing Rainbows.
Although theoretical answers to such theoretical questions may seem like chasing rainbows, the answer to the question of how many billions of dollars are saved each year by pharmacies dispensing generic medications has a firm answer.
The Vogel family is just a normal American family, except that they believe in following dreams and chasing rainbows.
Don't waste too much time chasing rainbows and following the whim of the moment, as you have the potential to do well, but you will need to put your mind to it.
All that form study, countless ratings systems, laptops full of speed figures, all a waste of time, hours spent simply chasing rainbows when there's a better way to find the pot of gold.
If West Africa is not careful, it runs the risk of chasing rainbows by engaging in an excessive liberalisation of its trade with Europe in the hope of speculative funds which only turn out to be nothing but an empty shell.
Join Peter and Eileen Crichton, authors of Circling Home and Chasing Rainbows, as the recount the highlights of their two overland circumnavigations of the world and their trans-Africa trip, aided by their faithful Land Rover, Rabia.