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Norman W., U.S. dentist, 1829-1913. See: Kingsley splint.
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This required the vilification of Charles Kingsley who, despite his participation in the demolition of Buckle, became the exemplification of everything a professional historian was not.
9) Charles Kingsley, "Thoughts on Shelley and Byron," in Literary and General Lectures and Essays (London, 1890), p.
Charles Kingsley, David: Four Sermons Preached before the University of Cambridge (London: Macmillian & Co, 1865), p.
This article juxtaposes an article by Roland Barthes with accounts of Charles Kingsley speaking in public, to argue that the platform is potentially a site of risk as well as power.
Which Charles Kingsley novel is about a young chimney sweep called Tom?
Maurice and Charles Kingsley, for instance, is viewed as an endeavour to
the historical novel by Charles Kingsley first published in 1855 (Friday, Page 56).
The poem "Young and Old" by Charles Kingsley features this stanza:
Avison Young Principal Charles Kingsley and Associate Eric Karmitz completed the transaction on behalf of the both the lessee and the property's owner, 1220 Lexington LLC.
The term was coined by Charles Kingsley and is cited in James A.
Also on store shelves now are the Tailor of Gloucester, based on Beatrix Potter's tale, and two feature films: The Water Babies, based on the book by Charles Kingsley, and a re-release of the classic Hans Christian Andersen, starring Danny Kaye.