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Norman W., U.S. dentist, 1829-1913. See: Kingsley splint.
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In 1859, the year Darwin's Origin of the Species appeared, the Regius Professors of Modern History at Oxford and Cambridge, the putative heads of the British historical profession, were respectively Goldwin Smith, a talented controversialist and practitioner of higher journalism, and Charles Kingsley, a successful author of boys' adventure novels.
Put by the Victorian writer and historian Charles Kingsley, "There are two freedoms; the false, where a man is free to do what he likes; the true, where man is free to do what he ought.
7) Charles Kingsley, a member of the Fred Gray Association and mutual friend of both Gray and Whitman described Gray's most recent assignment in a March 21, 1863, letter to the poet, reporting, "Fred is .
Charles Kingsley (1819-1875) was an English priest of the Church of England, university professor, historian and novelist.
Chapter Two, "Racist Rantings, Travellers' Tales, and a Creole Counterblast," deals with the impact on the British West Indies of racist ideas and writings by men such as James Froude, Thomas Carlyle, and Charles Kingsley.
There was a 16-episode BBC1 series in 1965 based on the 1866 novel by Charles Kingsley, with Alfred Lynch in the title role.
Rider Haggaxd Glubbdubdrib James Hilton Condor Norton Juster Hooloomooloo Charles Kingsley Hyperborea Edward Lear Land of a Million Wishes Ursula K.
Charles Kingsley, Jon Epstein and Yoav Oelsner joined the company.
1819: Charles Kingsley, the English clergyman who wrote The Water Babies, was born in Holne, Devon.
The Browns' house at number thirty two, Windsor Enid Blyton, Five go Gardens, was unusually quiet to Treasure Island There was once a boy called Eustace Clarence Charles Kingsley, Scrubb, and he almost deserved it.
They come from a poem, "The Three Fishers," by a Victorian country parson, Charles Kingsley.