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Accordingly, after more than 200 years of display it is now time for the Hunterian Museum to release his skeleton and finally give Charles Byrne a burial fit for a giant.
Geneticists believe East Tyrone and South Derry are a "gigantism" hotspot due to the fact 7ft 8ins Charles Byrne lived there in the 1760s.
Michael Brennan is calling on an English museum to release the 8ft 2in skeleton of Charles Byrne so he can get his dying wish to be buried at sea.
Now 'Irish Giant' Charles Byrne, who shared the same genes as Harry, is helping to prevent gigantism RESEARCH: Professor Marta Korbonits with the skeleton of Charles Byrne
Macmillan spokesman Charles Byrne said: "There are more than two million people in the UK living with cancer and every penny we raise will help us reach out to even more people who need our support.
The Royal British Legion Director of Fundraising Charles Byrne said: "We support the entire Armed Forces community past and present, but families are at the heart of the Legion's 2013 Appeal.
Charles Byrne, the charity's director of fundraising, said: "Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Poppy Appeal and contribute enormously to the charity year-round through a variety of roles Last year PS110,000 was raised in Coventry - this year we hope to generate even more.
John Charles Byrne, currently serving a sentence for drugs and firearms offences, left HMP Hatfield, in Doncaster, on day release on August 2, but failed to return that evening.
Charles Byrne, director of fundraising for the Royal British Legion, added: "You can bake, play games or "er prizes in exchange for a small contribution to donate to the Legion's vital work.
Charles Byrne, Macmillan's head of corporate partnerships and events said the staff had made an "amazing achievement".
However, he sustained damage to a suspensory ligament which supports the horse's weight and acts as a shock absorber for the leg - and trainer Charles Byrnes put him on the easy list late last year.