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A movement of Christianity which accentuates spiritual gifts such as prophecy and faith healing
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Although the charismatic movement has much in common with Pentecostalism, Cleary points out that it is solidly grounded in Catholic sacramental life and traditional Marian devotion.
Pentecostals and Charismatics may need to be guided away from their individual selves toward an experience of community with others.
My own observation, for what it's worth, is that a personality which is merely open, extrovert and informal is often mistaken for charismatic.
I undertook to interview some members of the Charismatic Movement in order to find out how their experience in it had affected their lives.
34) It could reflect a lack of interest in baptism; this is possible because other matters have come to be regarded as more pressing or important, such as the ecumenical and charismatic movements in their various expressions, issues of worship, matters concerning change within the church and questions of the survival of the local church in the midst of the decline of church attendance across all denominations.
Fr Rossi is part of a new generation of clerics, dubbed popstar priests by the local press, who belong to the Catholic Church's charismatic movement.
Part 1 introduces the charismatic movement in its cross-cultural and international dimensions.
Mystery: A private life is a private life - and although charismatics are prepared to talk about personal aspects of themselves, they maintain a private inner area.
With time, Martin and Clark created an authoritarian, charismatic "covenant Christian community"--a virtual church within a church--which sought to direct the personal lives of its members through a process called shepherding.
Unfortunately, this limitation has the effect of presenting charismatic Christianity as a monolithic movement.
Second, there is healing of demonic attacks and satanic oppression, which charismatics term "deliverance.
DeVoie, the pastor at Emmanuel Charismatic Episcopal Church, stands outside the historic Warren Federated Church building.