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(chăng), Chueh 1908-1991.
American Chinese-born who helped develop (1954) the first effective oral contraceptive.

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Q. If someone as alcoholism do there eyes change color? My husband says his work mate told him that if you’re an alcoholic your eyes can change color. As an example If you have blue eyes they become a darker blue because of something in your bloodstream?. I think my husband’s workmate is winding my husband up, or is he telling the truth?

A. That is an untruth. The color of the eyes in an alcoholic will not change color. The only thing in the eyes that will change color are the corneas (the whites of the eyes) they will turn yellow due to jaundice and probably cirrhosis of the liver. The skin will also turn yellow with the jaundice.

Q. What types of hormonal changes caused by fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia affects hormones because I feel pain in my back bone. What types of hormonal changes caused by fibromyalgia?

A. Have you ever checked your back pain with a doctor? It may or may not be due to fibromyalgia. Low serotonin levels, low growth hormone levels, and low levels of neuropeptide Y, a component of the feel-good hormone neurotransmitter norepinephrine have been associated with fibromyalgia. Elevated levels of substance P acts as a neurotransmitter and signals the body to experience pain. These pains have also been observed in the spinal cord of fibromyalgia patients.

Q. Have you changed your life and diet because of Fibromyalgia and did that help? I’m with Fibromyalgia. It is very difficult for me to deal with this disease. Anybody else have this problem? Have you changed your life and diet because of Fibromyalgia and did that help?

A. nutrition can really change your health- fibromyalgia is included. giving the body all it's needed nutrients and avoiding a few.
here is a recommended diet for FM:

hope that helps!

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