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Paul A., U.S. ophthalmologist, 1896-1987. See: Chandler syndrome.
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The CCTV recording showed that as Mulvenna landed about a dozen punches, other people moved in; and as they pulled him away he aimed a kick at the motionless Mr Chandler.
Lynne Chandler Novick, comments: “I am very pleased and grateful to have been chosen with an artistic gift.
Chandler is a family loving guy and recently gifted a cool Mercedes car in white colour to his mother on her birthday.
In order to re-energize the brand as quickly as possible, Chandler Ehrlich produced a humorous print campaign that ran in Successful Farming, Progressive Farmer and other leading horizontal trade publications.
Her next recollection is that Chandler was in her bedroom standing by her side.
The answer, said Sameroff and Chandler, lay in consistent, loving parenting; sensitive, enriched teaching; and stable, supportive environments.
Lay preacher Dr Chandler was just minutes away from home when the car in which he was travelling collided with a Red Citroen and a Ford Sierra.
Looking out his corridor window, Chandler saw flames and sparks and "solid black smoke.
About two-thirds of the power driving the Chandler wobble probably comes from pressure changes on the ocean floor.
At the same time it announced plans to buy up the rest of the Victor Chandler International business, which has been valued at up to pounds 70 million.
Chandler, a Fitchburg native and graduate of Harvard Law School, founded one of the city's more successful small law firms, Seder & Chandler, where he still goes into work almost every day.
About Terri Chandler, RDH: a short profile by and about the honoree: She is the Founder/Executive Director of Future Smiles, a non-profit school-based oral health program that addresses unmet health needs of at-risk children.