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Paul A., U.S. ophthalmologist, 1896-1987. See: Chandler syndrome.
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Prosecutor Mike Conry said Mr Chandler refused to make a statement to the police, but the incident in the Four Provinces pub in Allesley Old Road, Chapelfields, Coventry, was captured by CCTV cameras.
Chandler and other state parties have negotiated a water rights quantification agreement with WMAT.
com)-- Lynne Chandler Novick launched a website devoted to artists at www.
Kendall Jenner is following the footsteps of her stepsister Kim and Khloe Kardashian by hooking up with a hot basketball player named Chandler Parsons.
For a self-proclaimed "Small Town Lawyer'' (the title of his new self-published memoir), Burton "Buddy'' Chandler has an out-sized personality.
Australian Open men's singles (starts January 17, Melbourne) best prices: 9-4 R Nadal (Blue Sq, 888spt), 3 R Federer (Coral, Lads), 7 A Murray (V Chandler), 15-2 N Djokovic (V Chandler), 16 J M Del Potro (P Power, S James), 25 R Soderling (V Chandler), 33 D Nalbandian Lads, P Power, S James), 35 T Berdych (Blue Sq, V Chandler, 888spt), 40 N Davydenko (Blue Sq, Lads, 888spt), A Roddick (Blue Sq, P Power, S James, 888spt), 45 J-W Tsonga (Blue Sq, V Chandler, 888spt), 66 M Cilic (Lads, S James, V Chandler), G Monfils (S James), F Verdasco (Blue Sq, Lads, V Chandler, 888spt), 100 bar.
Paul and Rachel Chandler looked frail and exhausted as they were flown out of Somalia on Sunday.
Happy" Chandler learned that he had been elected the second commissioner of Major League Baseball.
Oklahoma-based bank holding company BancFirst Corp (NASDAQ:BANF) announced yesterday an agreement to buy Union National Bancshares and its subsidiary, Union Bank of Chandler, without providing financial details.
KIDNAPPED Rachel Chandler broke down in tears during her first contact since being taken hostage by Somali pirates a week ago.
Paul Chandler and his wife Rachel, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, were captured in the early hours of Friday when armed men boarded their yacht, Mr Chandler said in a phone call to a British TV company.
Bad news is piling on for homebuilder Rodney Chandler of Little Rock.