Peter, English obstetrician, 1560-1631. See: Chamberlen forceps.
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Forceps, originally a secret invention by the Chamberlen family of male midwives, had become popular, with - by the 1850s - doctors modifying them to make them more comfortable.
Forceps were first developed in the 16th Century by the Chamberlen family, Huguenot surgeons who fled to London from France, and kept their invention under wraps.
In the 1500s, greedy "man-midwives" in the Chamberlen family hid their secret forceps design to have an advantage over their competitors for two centuries before their secret was finally revealed.
Wendy Moore (6) described in the BMJ how in the 16th century the Chamberlen family developed forceps almost identical to the ones used today.
23, 1914, in Cottage Grove to Alta and Eva Chamberlen King.
Captain Christopher Chamberlen said the dream vision of the New Flagship Company would be "a high- profile symbol of modern Britain".
The Chamberlen family, inventors of the obstetrical forceps, worked under a drape so as to hide the device and keep the credit.
Capt Christopher Chamberlen, former Britannia sailing master who is one of the businessmen behind the plan, said: "Eventually No 10 said it was not suitable for taxpayers' money.
Capt Chamberlen said: "It will replace Britannia but with a much more commercial role.
12) During the Commonwealth years, for instance, Samuel Hartlib and Peter Chamberlen went so far as to blame poverty and vagabondage on inefficient bureaucratic planning, envisaging labor exchanges similar to modern unemployment offices where "employers, labourers, servants, and apprentices might converge to supply each other's needs.
GCV appointed Alex Chamberlen as Chief Revenue Officer.