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A regional phrase for using white powder to make the cocaine one is selling appear whiter than it is due to prior 'cutting' or contamination
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All major roundabout, bridges and flyovers are painted with different wall chalking as the administration opts to remain a silent spectator.
One of the inventors of war chalking, web designer Matt Jones, says that it is "being recognised for the public good" it provides.
If you're chalking many lines in a row, you may be able to chalk two or three before rewinding for fresh chalk.
The Daska police remained unable to find out any clue of the persons involved in the wall chalking.
The wall chalking was registered not only to be giving an ugly look but also noticed to be often quite provocative causing restlessness among different sections of the people.
RAWALPINDI -- District Administration (Distt Admin) under section 144 has imposed the restriction on wall chalking during the month of Moharram for unlimited duration.
QUETTA -- Wall chalking is continued in different parts of the provincial metropolis despite ban imposed on the same by the Balochistan High Court (BHC).
In every picture, kids were chalking Z's everywhere,'' said Gertz.
Special teams under the supervision of Superintendent encroachment Pervaiz Mughal and other officials have removed wall chalking from several areas.