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island situated in Indian Ocean, now known as Sri Lanka.
Ceylon cinnamon - dried inner bark of evergreen tree in laurel family, used for medicinal purposes or as a spice.
Ceylon moss - red seaweed which is a source of agar (culture medium).
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As the credits run at the beginning of the film, a plaintive Ceylonese melody is sung by a male voice.
Numbers of Ceylonese residing in Malaysia and Singapore joined the pro-Japanese Indian National Army, under Subhas Chandra Bose.
These matters are further discussed in the shaykh's treatise, namely Daf' ul-Bala (warding off of evil) and further expanded upon in detail in his Al-Barakt as-Saylniyyah ("The Ceylonese blessings").
The empire was strengthened by celebrations of Empire Day, the renaming of streets and public spaces in the colony as well as a series of acts that reaffirmed the power of the empire; in 1905, if a Ceylonese subject posted a letter to any part of the British Empire except the Commonwealth of Australia, he or she would pay six cents for the stamp, while to Australia and all other foreign countries, the cost was fifteen cents, nearly three times higher.
At the outset of the Emergency in 1948, ethnic Chinese constituted 39 percent of the Malay population, while the remainder of the population consisted of 49 percent Malays and 10 percent Indians and Ceylonese.
One such figure is the Ceylonese engineer Cecil Balmond (who has collaborated with Koolhaas since 1985 and with other celebrated designers more recently), without whom some hyperbuildings could not have been conceived, let alone executed.
The Sangam king Cenkuttuvan is supposed by the Cilappatikaram to have been a contemporary of the Ceylonese king Gajabahu, who ruled from roughly 170-225 A.
According to Bramah, this development largely explains the British preference for Indian and Ceylonese teas over Chinese teas.
British troops called it the Flanders Grippe; to the Spanish it was Naples Soldier; while to the Ceylonese it was Bombay Fever.
Other dishes to catch the eye were to be found in the Ceylonese section of the menu.
The colonial frontier of Central Queensland was then a site of entanglement, a mixing of many peoples, including Chinese, Ceylonese, Singhalese and Islanders, a melting pot which the whites were unable to fathom or contain until the introduction of the White Australia Policy.
He went on to say, as an example, that the Ceylonese Red Cross had asked for the reversed swastika--a Hindu religious symbol--to be recognized as their symbol.