cervical part of internal carotid artery

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cer·vi·cal part of in·ter·nal ca·rot·id ar·ter·y

the unbranched portion located in the neck.

cer·vi·cal part of in·ter·nal ca·rot·id ar·te·ry

(sĕrvi-kăl pahrt in-tĕrnăl kă-rotid ahrtĕr-ē) [TA]
Unbranched portion located in the neck.
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The distal cervical portion of the left ICA directly below the skull base contained a luminal, semilunar, peripheral T1- and T2-hyperintense signal abnormality compatible with a subacute mural thrombus, with an intimal flap indicative of a carotid dissection that measured 2.
Due to the positive success rate of bone growth stimulators when used on the lower back, the treatment is commonly prescribed by surgeons "off- label" to promote healing following spinal surgery on the neck and cervical portion of the spine.
The petrous portion of the internal carotid artery (ICA) represents the continuation of the cervical portion of the ICA as it enters the petrous portion of the temporal bone via the carotid canal.
Retropharyngeal carotid arteries occur when the cervical portion of the carotid artery is displaced medially.
The posterior limb of the cervical portion of the modified Blair incision is undermined to obtain full access to the SCM muscle (figure 1, A).
We first used the ventral cervical portion of the incision to expose the internal carotid artery and trace it up to the skull base, thus providing proximal vascular control.
In its cervical portion, the nerve runs cranially behind the left lobe of the thyroid gland, under the inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle, and penetrates into the larynx behind the cricothyroid joint between the thyroid ala and the cricoid lamina.
Abfraction is a theory based on engineering principals of occlusal stress being concentrated at the cervical portions of teeth.