Imaging Technetium 99m–99mTc imaging agent commonly used with SPECT imaging to detect CVAs, which may be useful for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease. See Alzheimer's disease.
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Ceretec's NO-Diff (TM) is a gas product classified by the FDA as a Class 1 medical device; however, it will be produced for Ceretec by its medical gas partner in a pharmaceutical GMP facility.
Alex Stenzler Vice President, Technology Acquisition Ceretec, Inc.
Although most of the company's manufacturing has been moved to its facility in Oslo, Norway, its Ceretec (technetium 99m exametazime) product cannot be produced in GE's other manufacturing sites because of production and regulatory issues.
According to GE's Web site, Ceretec helps demonstrate cerebral blood flow and visualize sites of infection through the labeling of white blood cells.
Tc-99m WBC scan with Ceretec (HMPAO) (GE Healthcare, Arlington Heights, IL)
As a result of this agreement, Syncor will distribute Ceretec, on a non-exclusive basis, for a two year period through its pharmacy network.
Its leadership in radiopharmaceuticals and brachytherapy is exemplified further by innovative products such as Ceretec (Technetium Tc-99m Exametazime Injection) used in brain imaging and in white blood cell labeling to detect infection and inflammation; Metastron
It is the leader in innovative products and services for nuclear medicine, and is the sole supplier of Ceretec (technetium 99m-exametazine injection), used for brain imaging and labeling white blood cells to detect infection and inflammatory processes; Metastron (strontium-89 chloride injection), a palliation therapy for bone cancer that has metastasized from other sites (usually prostate or breast cancer); I-125 Seeds and I-125 RAPID Strand (implantable devices for early-stage prostate cancer); and a number of other proprietary radiopharmaceuticals.
CERETEC is used for visualization of cerebral blood flow in stroke patients and, when used to label white blood cells, for localizing intra-abdominal infection and inflammatory bowel disease.
and Amersham launch the first of the major nuclear brain imaging agents, SPECTamine and Ceretec.
Food And Drug Administration for the use of Ceretec in diagnosing neurodegenerative disorders of the Alzheimer's type.