anterior cerebral veins

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an·te·ri·or ce·re·bral veins

small veins that parallel the anterior cerebral artery and drain into the basal vein.
Synonym(s): venae anteriores cerebri [TA]

an·te·ri·or ce·re·bral veins

(an-tērē-ŏr serĕ-brăl vānz) [TA]
Small veins that parallel the anterior cerebral artery and drain into the basal vein.
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Primary drainage is through ectatic internal cerebral veins, the vein of Galen, and, ultimately, the straight sinus (Figure 6).
Thrombosis of cerebral veins (or venous sinuses) is an uncommon condition (although a lot more prevalent than previously thought), which often presents a diagnostic challenge, with a non-specific and, occasionally, dramatic presentation which the optometrist may be the first to see.
1) The MPV is responsible for drainage of the choroid plexus prior to the development of the internal cerebral veins, during embryogenesis, prior to the 11th week of gestation.
If a clinician suspects CVT, either MRI or magnetic resonance venography (MRV) is recommended to make the diagnosis by showing a thrombus obstructing the venous sinuses or cerebral veins.
We postulate that the mature fluke pair migrated from the mesenteric veins through Batson's vertebralvenous plexus to the cerebral veins at the cerebellar level.
Dural sinus thrombosis (DST), also known as cerebral venous thrombosis, describes thrombosis of cortical and deep cerebral veins as well as that of the dural sinuses.
Quantification of Oxygen Saturation of Single Cerebral Veins, the Blood Capillary Network, and Its Dependency on Perfusion (Jan Seldlacik, Song Lai, and Jrgen R, Reichenbach).
The vein of Galen (formed from the median vein of the prosencephalon) is formed by the union of the two internal cerebral veins and goes on to drain into the straight sinus.
Multisection CT venography of the dural sinuses and cerebral veins by using matched mask bone elimination.
MRV provides excellent visualization of the dural venous sinuses and larger cerebral veins, Dr.
1) As the internal cerebral veins develop, the anterior portion of the median prosencephalic vein of Markowski (MPM) regresses, and the posterior portion remains to form the vein of Galen.
CT scanning shows hyperdensity in the venous sinuses, cortical veins, or deep cerebral veins.

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