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A quantitative histological study of the cerebellar vermis in alcoholic patients.
research associate in McLean's Developmental Biopsychiatry Research Laboratory and Brain Imaging Center, and his colleagues found that repeated sexual abuse affects the blood flow and function of a key brain region related to substance abuse, the cerebellar vermis.
Hypoplasia of the cerebellar vermis is commonly associated, but no valvular heart disease is ever seen.
A sagittal noncontrast T1-weighted MR image shows cerebellar atrophy that is most prominent in the region of the cerebellar vermis (Figure 3).
The ventral and dorsal striatum and cerebellar vermis was also considered because of an association between increased activity in these regions and drug cravings, the investigators reported.
Autopsy studies have found that a region of the cerebellum known as the anterior superior cerebellar vermis most frequently exhibits alcohol-induced damage (Baker et al.
Increased vermal activity: The cerebellar vermis is a part of the brain that is involved in emotion, attention and the regulation of the limbic system.
Alcoholics also have reduced white-matter volume in a part of the cerebellum known as the cerebellar vermis, where the loss is associated with deficits in postural stability (Sullivan et al.
The MRI imaging showed no differences between bipolar subjects and controls in total brain volume, cerebellar volume, lentiform nucleus, corpus callosum area, cerebellar vermis area, or thalamic area.
Recent data show that melatonin, a known and effective antioxidant, when given to neonatal rat pups simultaneously with alcohol, does not prevent the early postnatal alcohol-induced Purkinje cell loss in either the part of the cerebellum known as the cerebellar vermis or in lobule I (Edwards et al.
One recent study pointed toward an unlikely corner of the brain--the cerebellar vermis.