Oncology A product line that selectively removes cell lines–eg, stem cells from BM and peripheral blood before tumor-purging therapy, or removes T cells to ↓ GVHD in allograft recipients. See Marrow ablation.
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Under terms of the agreement, patients will not lose access to CellPro's CEPRATE stem cell selection system until an alternative is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Last week, United States Federal District Judge Roderick McKelvie entered an injunction against CellPro's infringing Ceprate SC stem cell selection device.
stem cell selection market, following the exit of CellPro, by systematically phasing out that company's Ceprate instruments and replacing them with the Isolex(R) 300i Magnetic Cell Selection System.
Bothell, WA, announced the FDA has approved the company's label expansion for the Ceprate SC Stem Cell Concentration System.
The launch of the Isolex(R) systems will take place over the next several months and initially focus on the conversion of existing Isolex(R) investigational sites to commercial status and the installation of Isolex(R) systems at sites currently operating CellPro Ceprate SC devices.
The CEPRATE SC(R) System is being marketed in the United States, Canada, the EC, Israel, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific area.
Since the initial jury verdict, the CEPRATE SC System received FDA approval in December 1996 for use in bone marrow transplantation.
Plaintiffs Baxter HealthCare, Becton Dickinson & Company and Johns Hopkins University allege that CellPro's CEPRATE SC System infringes certain of plaintiffs' patents.
The CEPRATE SC System was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for sale in the United States on Dec.
The CEPRATE SC System is indicated for purification of stem cells for bone marrow transplantation.
The CEPRATE SC System is approved for use in the 18-member European Economic Area and Canada and is commercially available in other European countries, Israel, Asia Pacific and Latin America.
This device will be used with CellPro's current product, the CEPRATE SC Stem Cell Concentration System, to reduce the number of T-lymphocytes in peripheral blood stem cells used for allogeneic transplantation.