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ABSTRACT The Correct cuttlefish Sepia pharaonis (Ehrenberg, 1831) is an abundant cephalopod in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.
231), Lyecoceras and allied forms were actively swimming cephalopods with a vertically oriented shell.
Cadmium concentrations in bivalves, crustaceans, gastropods, and cephalopods in five sampled months were in the ranges of 0.
Therefore, the results reported here may overestimate the already low importance of cephalopods in the diet of the Sowerby's beaked whale.
The other 15 terracotta and casein works are either cephalopods or worms.
The authors have tracked down an amazing number of cephalopods in cancels and meter frankings and have done praiseworthy work in identifying and describing the species.
However, even if the basic approach for colour change is similar, humanity has never developed anything as complex or sophisticated as the biology and physics of cephalopod skin.
But because the basic internal structure of such shells is similar to that of nautilus, we can tell that these were all shelled cephalopods.
Catalogue of types of Recent cephalopods in the collection of the Natural History Museum, London.
Nevertheless, my main problem with Bear Grylls: Born Survivor is that I just can't ever imagine what could possibly happen to me in my life that I'm forced to snack on still wriggling cephalopods in the hulls of sunken ships, or overturn dead logs in the middle of an equatorial forest to make supper of unsuspecting rhino beatles.
In general, Owen notes at the beginning of the Memoir, cephalopods challenge "the theory of the simple and unbroken series" that presumably governs "the distribution of the animal kingdom.
Of the total world catch of cephalopods, Nierentz said, squid represents about 81%, octopus 11% and cuttlefish only eight percent.