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The Sun and Cenus partnership was announced in November of last year.
Headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, Cenus Technologies is the first company to provide route optimization based on true Layer 7 (Application) based information.
The partnership between Central Access and Cenus Technologies provides the national educational market with networking services that meet the requirements in the areas of performance, scalability, extensibility and security.
To implement the solution, Central Access and Cenus Technologies have envisioned Sun Microsystems as the hardware platform of choice, and will run the Sun Fire platforms from Sun Microsystems.
The preliminary list of delegation representatives, along with Cenus Technologies, includes the Bay Area Economic Forum (Bay Area Council and the Association of Bay Area Governments) and the Bay Area Science Infrastructure Consortium, the Economic Development Alliance for Business, McKinsey Global Institute, Hewlett -Packard, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Network Associates, Verisign, Inc.
The technologies developed by Cenus can directly benefit this effort, which must seamlessly link 22 legacy agencies and over 170,000 employees with hundreds of thousands of nodes, all presently established with their own networks.
In the past, to get the kind of load-balancing and service provisioning we are talking about required, and was limited to, local clusters," Vin says, "Now, with the Cenus approach, there is no need to compromise between the need for, and the benefits of, a distributed architecture and the need for local performance.
Since performance was key to the Cenus solution, the company had to weigh many factors itself in the ultimate decision as to how to best develop its technology for deployment.
Cenus Application Layer routing is the only platform capable of interconnecting both distributed and collocated systems on an Internet wide scale.
In designing the solution, Cenus created a technology that is best described as "service agnostic routing" which is fully extensible to current and any future use of networks for the delivery of network-based services such as storage and computation.