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central processing unit (cpu, CPU)

the component of a computer that controls the encoding and execution of instructions, consisting mainly of an arithmetic unit, which performs arithmetic functions, and an internal memory, which controls the sequencing of operations. Also called processor.

central processing unit (CPU),

n the primary processor of a computer, containing the internal memory unit (memory), arithmetic logic unit (ALU), and input/output control unit (I/O control).
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The microcontroller has some similarities with the central processor unit (CPU) in a home computer but is optimized specially for engine control.
Direct Connect Architecture connects multiple processors, the memory controller and the I/O directly to the central processor unit, helping to eliminate the bottlenecks inherent in a front-side bus.
Horst Diewald, chief architect of the MSP430 and a distinguished member of the TI technical staff, and Lutz Bierl, a senior member of the TI technical staff and an architect of the MSP430 central processor unit, will deliver the keynote address.
Having the ESP completely manage critical energy calculations enables the designer to utilize the freed-up central processor unit (CPU) functions for differentiated meter features such as display and AMR.
The Spanner chip, an off-the-shelf PCI to 68040 interface device, is particularly suited to applications where the 68K design is functioning as a peripheral central processor unit (CPU) in the PCI system; for example, in 68360 communications controller applications.

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