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However, even though it involved relatively young nursing home residents, The Homecoming Project didn't come close to achieving its goal: Despite a three-month extension of the grant, the Centers for Independent Living and county governments in Wisconsin assisted only 81 people in leaving nursing homes--slightly more than half the original goal.
A large change occurred in the Centers for Independent Living Program (formerly Part B, now Part C).
Comprehensive Evaluation of the Title VII, Part B of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, As Amended, Centers for Independent Living Program.
She is a member of various associations including Arts Council of Southeast Missouri, Missouri Centers for Independent Living and Missouri Alliance for Home Care.
Centers for independent living (CIL) have lists of people who work as personal care assistants.
Two collaborative demonstration and research projects involving several model systems and affiliated Centers for Independent Living (CIL's) are examples of initiatives that may prove useful to meeting the previously unmet needs of rural dwellers with SCI.
An additional program innovation designed to improve access to rehabilitation is a revised funding process for Centers for Independent Living (1992 Amendments, 701).
The artist's work will also be reproduced, distributed and displayed at local Centers for Independent Living around the country.
When we take a look at all of the opportunities available to us in our society, and how they can literally turn around a disabled person's life, centers for independent living have a responsibility to bring organizations and people together from diverse segments of our communities.
Individuals employed in centers for independent living delivering services directly to persons with disabilities (e.
com/), one of the nation's top ten public relations firms, today announced the addition of the New Jersey Association of Centers for Independent Living (NJACIL) to its client roster.

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