Center for American Nurses

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Center for American Nurses (CAN)

a unit of the American Nurses Association whose activities concern the creation of a healthy work environment.
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The Center for American Nurses is a national professional nursing organization that educates, equips, and empowers nurses to advocate for themselves, their profession, and their patients.
The Center for American Nurses is committed to helping nurses develop both professionally and personally.
Utilized and promoted the products and services developed by the Center for American Nurses via WNA's STAT Bulletin, WNA Monitor and educational offerings.
Candidate for Director Workforce Advocacy and Designee to the Center for American Nurses Membership Council
Keeping in mind that every nurse's journey to career happiness is different, the Center for American Nurses has started a unique initiative designed to assist nurses increase their career self-awareness and discover what gives them energy and meaning at work.
This was the message from Donna Weaver, RN, of The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at the 2008 Center for American Nurses (CAN) LEAD Conference in Washington, D.
My responsibilities included representing ISNA at the Membership Council meeting of the Center for American Nurses (the Center), the meeting of the Constituent Assembly, and the ANA House of Delegates, and attending the LEAD Summit.
It is the position of the Center for American Nurses that there is no place in a professional practice environment for lateral violence and bullying among nurses or between healthcare professionals.
Editors note: This is a lengthy interview, reprinted permission by Center For American Nurses.
One of the objectives of the Center for American Nurses (an associate organizational member of ANA) is to help nurses be better prepared for retirement, no matter what your age and tenure within the nursing profession.
The Georgia Nurses Association is an affiliate member of the Center for American Nurses.
Affiliates: ANA has the freedom to enter into relationships with workforce advocacy groups and with labor organizations as affiliates; these affiliates could potentially include both the United American Nurses (UAN) and the Center for American Nurses (the Center.

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