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(sĕl′səs), Aulus Cornelius 1st centuryad.
Roman writer and physician who compiled De medicina, an eight-volume encyclopedia of medicine that is the only surviving portion of a larger work and describes symptoms and treatments of diseases, surgical methods, and medical history.
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the earlier announced acquisition by Celsus of Volution has been completed.
Origen records Celsuss claim that it was for this reason that Christians converted "only foolish and low individuals, and persons devoid of perception, and slaves, and women, and children.
The second-century Greek philosopher Celsus mused, "Odd that the kingdom of God, the core of [Christian] teaching, is made to hang on the disgrace of a rejected woman, whose husband turned her aside.
The elegant facade of the Library of Celsus, which held some 12,000 scrolls two millennia ago, has been rebuilt from the original pieces--it looks grander, but it still looks like a ruin.
10), (11) Celsus (1st century AD) recognised the clinical features of shock associated with a cardiac injury when he wrote in De Medicina that, 'When the heart is wounded much blood is lost, the pulse weakens, pallor becomes extreme, a cold and foul sweat arises from the stricked body, the extremities become cold and speedy death follows'.
KELLY, Celsus, 1965, Calendar of Documents: Spanish Voyages in the South Pacific from Alvaro de Mendana to Alejandro Malaspina 1567-1794 and the Franciscan Missionary Plans for the Peoples of Austral Lands 1617-1634, Franciscan Historical Studies, Sydney, in association with Archivo Ibero-Americano, Madrid.
Later, when Ovid hears of the death of Celsus, the image of the departed constantly stands before his eyes, 'as if he were present': ante meos oculos tamquam praesentis imago | haeret, et extinctum vivere fingit amor (Ex P.
Table 1 Primary sources explored in this analysis Author Text Date of Writing or Publication (if known) Plato Republic 360 BCE Aristotle On the Heavens; Politics; 350 BCE Poetics Iamblichus De Vita Pythagorica Galen On Temperament; De Pulsibus Celsus De Medicina b.
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Tonsillectomy, one of the oldest surgical procedures, was first described by Celsus in 30 AD.
Indeed, until this study appeared, hardly anybody had paid much attention to the question of whether the arguments of Celsus, Porphyrius, and Julian had an afterlife in the Renaissance and Enlightenment, whether these were greatly improved, and especially whether the fundamental criticisms of Christianity had changed in modern discourse.
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