glycol ethers

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gly·col e·thers

chemicals such as ethylene glycol monomethyl ether and ethylene glycol monoethyl ether; they are teratogens that induce testicular atrophy in animals.
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The solvent was a mixture of xylene/methyl isobutyl ketone/butyl cellosolve (13/45/42%, by weight).
But they may contain other harmful chemicals, including Butyl Cellosolve and methanol (methyl alcohol), which can cause blindness or death if accidentally ingested.
The effort will enhance Dow's butyl CELLOSOLVE [TM] solvent and butyl CARBITOL [TM] solvent by 15%.
Pinnae were restored with aqueous 4:1 butyl cellosolve, and cleared with aqueous 6% NaOH.
According to the non-profit Cancer Prevention Coalition, some other problematic chemicals found in many household cleaners include crystalline silica, an irritant to the eyes and lungs and a likely carcinogen, and butyl cellosolve, which has been linked to kidney and liver problems and is reportedly toxic to forming cells.
The effect of the 1:1 styrene:maleic anhydride base resin and its two half esters (one esterified with butyl cellosolve, one esterified with isopropanol and cyclohexanol) was to increase ink viscosity over that of the control.
Epoxy resin (epoxy equivalent 500) of 30% volume solids was prepared by refluxing 30 g of 6071 resin with 70 cc of solvent mixture of xylene, methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK), and butyl cellosolve.
Other methods to test surface energy of the substrate range from a tape pick-off test to a chemical test involving the application of formamide and ethyl cellosolve, used to determine dyne level.
But, he says, "There is a carcinogenic substance named butyl cellosolve that is highly biodegradable and very toxic.