Fringe nutrition
A proprietary mixture of borage seed oil, fish oil, gingko, sweet clover, evening primrose oil, alpha lipoic acid and grape seed extract, produced by Rexall, Inc, which they claimed was 90% effective in eliminating cellulite.

The company refused to allow the results of in-house trials to be published in scientific journals for fear of revealing the quantities of each ingredient in their formula; an independent study conducted in 1999 showed that Cellasene was ineffective for cellulite removal.
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During her tenure at TransMedia, Adelman spearheaded the industry-acclaimed Cellasene Campaign for vitamin giant Rexall Sundown, which garnered over $60M of publicity.
Occasionally, a private lawsuit will temporarily slow down a company like the makers of Cellasene (a phony cellulite treatment) or Airborne (a phony cold preventative).
When the so-called cellulite buster Cellasene Forte went on sale in Australia it sold out within an hour.
Since all of Rexall's sales of Cellasene as well as the Company's marketing of it have their origin in Florida, where Rexall is domiciled," the Consolidated Complaint posits, "the [Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act] is applicable to all members of the Class, including those residing outside Florida.
99 (0870 011 3224), and Cellasene Forte capsules, pounds 29.
The Something For The Weekend presenter was named Cellasene Rear of the Year 1999, along with pop idol Robbie Williams who took the male title.
Breakthrough products in 1999 may be glucosamine again, or kava, CoQ10, SAMe or cellasene (although the expense of the latter two may inhibit their chances), but there seems to be no 'rising tide' product that will lift all boats in 1999," he says.
The makers of Cellasene - plant-based pills that are claimed to see off cellulite and maintain smooth legs - say more than 90 per cent of women taking them in their trials over a two-month period notice an improvement in their legs and thighs.
Cellasene, created by Italian scientist Dr Gianfranco Merizzi and said to include natural active ingredients, is manufactured to pharmaceutical standards.